The Business Model Canvas

In our first class of MIST 7500 we discussed business modeling using the The Business Model Canvas. For our homework we were asked to model a business we worked for. Many years ago I work for a in-hospital baby photography company. This company provided exclusive newborn photo services for hospitals. By the time I left the company we were in about 120 hospitals. The challenge for me as an IT support technician was supporting custom installs at all of these hospitals. Each hospital or hospital system had their own mix of technical requirements and complexities. We were able to standardize the photo carts that photographers wheeled into nurseries and patient rooms to photograph the babies. They consisted of a large medical grade cabinet on wheels. The top of the cabinet had a bassinet where the baby would lay. Above the bassinet, mounted to a pole, is a digital SLR with a 28mm lens and a studio flash. The camera connected through the post to a computer via USB cable. This computer connected to a LCD computer monitor mounted midway up the pole where photographer use custom software to take photos. This computer was connect to the internet at the end of the day where it uploaded the image to an FTP server to the home office in Atlanta. Photographers would sell the photos to patients directly or they could call the home office later. The home office could then edit and produce the photos and print them on a commercial printer to be shipped directly to the customer.

I developed the following models on


I also created a model for a infomediary business; a LEGO builder’s web community. The website would allows users to upload their designs and share them with other users. Users could contribute to those designs or fork the designs to their own derivatives.  Users may then purchase the bricks for designs directly from LEGO or an online market place such as BrickLink.


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