Playing with Legos Again

A couple months ago I was stressed out and needed a hobby. It occurred to me that downstairs, in my garage, was a gigantic tub of Legos. It was a big tub and one night, while my friend Pete was over playing video games, we went downstairs and dragged the tub upstairs. This box was filled over a decade ago as I was moving my stuff out of my parents house. We popped and open and inside were thousands of Legos. I had managed to hold on to my Lego collection that I had accrued as a kid from 4 to ~12 (when Legos became lame). Also inside was a New-in-Box Generation 1 Transformer, but that’s another story.

My kick-ass wife, who volunteered, helped me sort the jumble of Legos into some sense of order. We managed to consume a weekend laboring, sorting the bricks. It actually turned out to be good quality time. There were many themes; the castle, pirate, and boats where eclipsed by the space and town themes. Then occurred to me, it was time to rebuild.

Unfortunately I didn’t save the directions, but thanks to the magical Internet, I found a site,, that saved the day. They have Lego instructions going back to at least 1955. Based on my memory and what I think I saw in the piles I identified at least 45 different sets.

6832 Blacktron Star Rider
6981 Aerial Intruder
6878 Sub Orbital Guardian
6877 Vector Detector
6823 Surface Transport
6824 Space Dart 1
6812 Grid Trekkor
6811 Pulsar Charger
6781 Sp Striker
1478 Mobile Satellite Up Link
918 Space Transport
889 Radar Truck
6646 Screaming Patriot
1632 Motor Boat
1610 Police Car
1612 Race Car
1528 Dragster
1517 Race Car
1477 Red Race Car Number 3
6605 Road Racer
6653 Highway Emergency Van
6644 Road Rebel
6613 Telephone Booth
6684 Police Patrol Squad

6659 TV Camera Crew
6673 Solo Trainer
6529 Ultra Light I
6528 Sand Storm Racer
6509 Red Devil Racer
6508 Wave Racer
6503 Sprint Racer
6450 Mobile Police Truck
6353 Coastel Cutter
1572 Super Tow Truck
6657 Fire Helicopter
6373 Motorcycle Shop
6396 International Airport
6392 Airport
6386 Police Command Base
6385 Fire House
6384 Police Station
6378 Service Station


Then I got on Ebay and start poking around. The memories from hours of staring at catalogs came flooding back so I picked up several more sets to round out my collection. Ebay is also an excellent place to pick up spare parts.

6886 Galactic Peace Keeper
6831 Message Decoder
1974 Star Quest
6833 Beacon Tracer
6981 Spectral Starguider
1462 Galactic Scout
 6813 Galactic Chief


I didn’t have all the parts, but I had many, and pictures of the ones I rebuilt are below. Notice the big Space Shuttle model. I couldn’t help it so Suzanne and I went to the Lego Store in Lawrenceville and I got a big-boy set with a mere 1204 pieces, definitely my favorite.


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