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Book Review – Clout: the Art and Science of Influential Web Content

As a web developer, I don’t get very close to the content. In fact, over the years, I’ve become blind to it when coding clients’ websites. It might as well be “lorum ipsum” gibberish like that found on Microsoft Word templates. Granted without this content there would be no websites for me to work on. Well…at least there shouldn't be. There are many sites out there that put the technical effort into the coding and treat the content as an afterthought. Content should in fact come first, before coding. This requires developing a proper content strategy and a plan to implement it.

In Clout, the author Colleen Jones concisely outlines the methods and techniques that will aid the development of a successful Content Strategy. There are numerous real-world examples that support the core principles of context, rhetoric and psychology. She advises content creators to turn off their fire hose of information, suggesting effective, proven tools to reach people. These techniques are proven to filter out the static.

This book is a top resource regarding the implementation of content strategy. Clients who are inexperienced or non-technical usually don’t understand why developers can’t make the gibberish better. Content just isn’t our forte. Clout is a well-researched and authoritative source for developers who want to help their clients make content work.

You can find out more about Colleen Jones at her blog, Winning Content. She also is runs a boutique consultancy, Content Science, that practices what she preaches for clients such as InterContinental Hotels Group, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Footsmart, among others.

ASP.NET and HTML5 Local Storage

I came across an informative blog post today by Stephen Walther that talks about ASP.NET and HTML5 local storage. It explains this exciting feature by discussing details relating to client/server concurrency, difference between local storage and cookies, intracting with WCF and more. If you are an ASP.NET developer who wants to stay on top of things go check it out.

Vintage photos from the Golden Age of Aviation

A conversation with a coworker today inspired me to post these pictures I inherited from my grandfather in 2004. I used a slide scanner to scan them in, cleaned them up in photoshop and posted them on

Swissair Convair 990 in Zurich

He took this in Zurich, Switzerland in June, 1967. He and my grandmother were travelling the globe on my mother's family flight priviledges as a stewardess for Delta Airlines.

Convair 240 boarding in Miami, FL in June 1953

This one was taken in Miami, FL in 1953 on their obligitory post-war economic boom trip to Florida. He owned a stationary store in Detroit and my grandmother worked for Chrysler before they sucked.


After they were accepted to I received this bitchin' model of a Delta 777 from Herpa as payment for the rights for them to use them in their magazine.

Delta 777 Herpa 1:200 scale model