Why Android on the HTC Incredible Ruled in 2010

In 2010 my crap Windows 6.5 phone got upgrade to an HTC Incredible from Verizon and I couldn't be happier. Originally I was hoping to buy a Nexus One but then along came the Incredible. It had similar specs plus a better camera. Since then I've used the hell out of it and I've always been able to get it to do what I want it to. After rooting it I was able to make the wireless hotspot functionality work with Verizon caring. Shocking. Below are is a list of the apps that made the HTC Incredible RULE in 2010.

Gmail – I have both my personal Gmail and my Google Apps account (for Oliver Media) available from the Gmail app. As slimmed down versions of Gmail go, it RULES.

Google Voice – I love this app because it allows me to have one phone number. This phone number rings at my office, phone and Skype. The free SMS allow me to dump my SMS plan with Verizon saving ~$6/month. I also get crappy text transcribing of voicemails.

Foursquare – For some reason location-based social media makes the dopamine flow and chill the OCD. As of this writing I've built up quite the little empire of intersections and homes. Foursquare FTW.

TweetDeck – This app has had me since the BETA. As Twitter apps go this is my favorite. It's got an endless timeline and it's laggy like other Twitter clients I've used. I configured it to post to Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz. Much love to TweetDeck.

Kindle App – The high resolution of the AMOLED has finally made reading on a phone an enjoyable experience. I can now read books on my Kindle and pick up where I left off whenever I have some time to kill. The WisperSync functionality makes it seemless.

Cardiotrainer – This app gets the credit for helping me lose 10 pounds this year. It tracks all my runs using GPS and encourages me to keep it up. There something about it that makes running into a game. It's seemless Facebook integration allows me to brag about running too.

Flybys – Ever wonder when the Internation Space Station is going to fly over? Probably not but this app will tell you. That's all I got. Space FTW.

Sirius/XM – I'm adicted to Opie and Anthony and this lets me listen to it with my headphones anywhere. Especially good because that show is NSFW. You need to have a subscription to XM.


I'm sorry, I just can't stop talking about this damn phone. Love it.

2 thoughts on “Why Android on the HTC Incredible Ruled in 2010

  1. Nice list. I have yet to root my Motoroloa Droid (generation 1) and it looks like I never will get around to it. Since you listed your "top" apps, it's only fitting that I exploit your commenting system by listing my own, mwahahaha:
    . A Word A Day – it gives me the "word of the day." Fitting since my vocabulary needs expanding.
    . Amazon Kindle – It's handy to have, but my screen isn't the best for reading. From time-to-time I'll open it up and read a couple paragraphs.
    . AndChat – this IRC client keeps in connected to my other neckbearded friends.
    . AndFTP – very useful app, it helps me transfer files from my PC to Android app while away from home.
    . BeyondPod – One of my first PAID apps. It's my podcast catcher of the year! Hands down my most valuable app.
    . Google Reader – nuff said!
    . Keeper – used to keep my ever-expanding usernames and complex passwords.
    . SCVNGR – gelocation underdog!
    . TweetDeck – nuff said!

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