Voting Libertarian in Georgia or I did my part to force a run-off

I was driving to the polls today thinking about who I was going to vote for in Georgia. Roy Barnes (D) was definitely out. I actually worked to oust him in college and have no desire to see him as Governor again. Nathan Deal (R) is probably a nice good ol' boy but he just gives me a bad feeling. The only other choice was the Libertarian candidate, John Monds. Ideologically I'm more on board with the Libertarians than any other party but don't vote for third parties candidates. They have a tendency to split the vote between the Democrats and Republicans or force run-offs. Worse case they eat into Nathan Deal so much that Roy Barnes gets his autocratic crown back. The last thing we need is him at the helm of redistricting in 2011, but I digress.

When I got my first glimpse at the ballot I surprised myself. Not only did I vote for John Monds but every other Libertarian on the ballot. It's done, I've voted Libertarian and done my part today to force a run off. We'll see what happens tonight.


I'll be watching the results tonight on TV and on the web at Real Clear Politics and various other sites.

Oh! I almost forgot, I got a bitching Foursquare badge too, who also have election coverage.


There will be no run-off, Nathan Deal (R) won with 53% and Roy Barnes (D) got 43% with my guy John Monds (L) pulling up the rear with 4%. source

1 thought on “Voting Libertarian in Georgia or I did my part to force a run-off

  1. Voting Libertarian is the only way we can work ourselves out of the 2 party system. Every vote counts, even if its not for Dem or Republican!
    BTW: what animal is the mascot for the Libertarian party?

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